Balterio Laminate Flooring

When it comes to choosing a floor for your home or office, Balterio laminate flooring is an excellent choice.It offers years of pleasure, is easy to clean and comes with a full warranty.



We all love having floors that look beautiful and expensive even when they aren’t. One type of flooring material that can give us this rich look is that of laminate flooring.

You will find that Balterio laminate wood flooring is created in various types of finishes. In addition to these finishes laminate floors are very durable and quick to install in your home.

There are many different looks for laminate floors that you can find today. For instance you can buy laminate flooring that looks like stone. You can also buy laminate floors in many hardwood finishes.

The unique embossed in register process gives the laminate an authentic look and realistic feel of natural wood flooring and at the same time all the advantages of laminate.


Balterio offers you a wide range of great looking decor’s, vivid light or intensely dark, a beautiful soft sheen or wood grain structure, planks with variations in appearance and texture, but always in style. You will certainly find the floor to fulfil your dreams.



Your home reflects your style. With Balterio laminate floors,you can choose a style that is entirely yours.


We don’t offer compromise. You will be able to choose the perfect floor for every room


Balterio laminate is a 21st century floor with the sound and touch of solid parquet.


Our hydrosafe-HDF boards enjoy the height of stability, density and moisture resistance.


A new laminate floor is an important investment and has to last years without losing its beauty or quality

Installation and maintenance.

Our floors are easy to install and require the minimum of maintenance.



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